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Welcome to Radtranet.
Radtranet is Radicon's Extranet, designed to deliver value on the following aspects of its MCFK Geared Motor family of products:
  • Help you gain more information about the MCFK product family easily
  • Provides Configurator to help you identify the product you may seek easily
  • Provide you the options to share details about your selected configuration
  • Help you acquire technical specifications for your selected configuration
  • Help you acquire CAD drawings (2D/3D) for your selected configuration
  • Help you identify price and availability for your selected configuration
  • Help you get quotes on demand for your selected configuration at any time
  • Identify a distributor near you to acquire your selected configuration
  • Based on your involvement, it will further help you meet your objectives
Radicon provides on-line tools to facilitate your geared motors needs that help you drive your business; we differentiate ourselves in providing
unprecedented services with quality deliverables that conform to industry standards for a reasonably fair price with a super-expedient delivery.
Regardless of whether you are a facilitator or an end-user of Radicon products, Radicon, with its knowledgable nationwide distribution network,
is with you to assist you with your power transmission needs quickly, efficiently and cost effectively.

Besides on-line tools, Radicon Customer Service and Support team is available to assist you during business hours (7am to 5pm Central Time).
Radicon Geared Motors are trusted and dependable; they can be built by a Radicon Rapid Build Center (RBC) near you and can easily be made
available with a quick turnaround time. If this is important to you, then contact an RBC near you and/or contact Radicon for assistance.

Team Radicon
Solution Providers for your Power Transmission Needs